Artist Statement

Photography is my artistic medium of choice and the photographic process has become my personal way of slowing down this busy and often chaotic world we live in.

Four elements have come to feature very strongly in my images and these elements have become so much more important to me as I have evolved as an artist.

They are Beauty Simplicity Truth and Light

Beauty Whilst being a photographer of both the natural and the built environment as well as the people who choose to inhabit these spaces my passion is to isolate the smaller details and individuals within the bigger landscape looking for beauty that other people fail to notice fascinates me.

Simplicity I love graphic shape and often it is only when all the clutter and extraneous detail is excluded from a scene that we are able to see the true beauty within our subject.

When people ask why so much of my personal work is in black and white. My answer is simplicity. When an image is contains colour, the colour content often becomes the subject or focus of a image.There are times when this is the right approach, but for me colour can become a distraction and it is for this reason, colour is often the first thing I look to exclude from my compositions.

Truth Photography by its very nature has always made it possible to alter and manipulate the real world. For many years film negatives have been printed in a way to suit the photographer’s vision. Prints have always been spotted and retouched, its nothing new, just easier now. Lets be honest, the simple act of making a black and white image is a manipulation of the truth.

For me however in my personal work each image must be honest and truthful to the subject to have any real merit.

Light will in most cases be the single most important factor in my images. Amazing light can make the mundane appear stunning whilst bad light can make the most beautiful appear ugly. As artists and photographers we simply must learn to understand light and how it can change our subjects. This understanding of light is a fascination for me.

Photography is now, such an all absorbing passion for so many people and whilst some will say all the effort and long hours are not worth it as its all been done before. I would say the definitive image has not nor will ever be taken. There is always scope for yet one more picture in the quest for photographic perfection.

This is what makes photography so special and my love of making images and teaching people to enjoy photography continues to grow.

I hope you enjoy my images and my they bring you peace and help you search out the beauty in every person you meet and place you visit.

Steve Ashton
May 2014